Friday, 16 June 2017

Its that time again

It does not seem to be two minutes ago when the seabirds were arriving and now some of them are leaving.
We saw a good few chicks this week and they are really cute too. We also saw a lot of jumplings (Guillemot Chicks) taking that giant leap of the cliff faces into the water and then of out into the big wide world called the north sea.

Its great to see new life being brought into this world and to watch them grow day by day is something special.We are lucky seeing this everyday and its lovely to see them grow stronger and stronger everyday until the moment they leave and then it sinks in. "Oh shoot, its nearly coming to the end of the breeding season again.
Don't worry there is still a long time to go, as the seabirds that are leaving at the moment are early ones but we all know how time flies and before you blink your eyes it will be all over for another year.

I hate it when it gets closer to the end of the breeding season but every year I say the same thing and it never gets any easier.
Never mind, here are a few chicks and those cute little Jumplings.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Life on board Serenity 2

We have updated our vlog again and this time we show you around Serenity 2.

Myself and Andy work on Serenity 2 and we give you a brief view about the boat and what we do for a living.
I hope you enjoy it and if you could subscribe you our channel that would be fantastic.
Thank you once again for reading our blog and watching our vlog.